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Safety First for the Fourth: Some Pool and Water Guidelines

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In conjunction with the Fourth of July holiday celebrations, many families head to the pool or the beach.  As with any family outing, especially those involving water, keeping common sense safety tips in mind is critical.

Listed below are a few reminders for helping make your family’s Fourth of July safer:

  • Keep an eye on the kids –
  • Never swim alone –
    • Swimming with a buddy or in a group greatly lessens your chance of drowning.
    • The buddy system is a tried and true way to help prevent swimming injuries.
    • Inexperienced swimmers should have a trusted buddy nearby and wear life jackets.
  • Be aware of rip currents –
  • Falls occur more often around pools than people realize –
    • Unsafe conditions can lead to a fall from the diving board or side of the pool.
    • Falls around pools can result in broken limbs and possibly Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).
    • See a doctor if you experience a blow the head from a pool injury.
  • Pools are frequently a source for infection or sickness –
    • Pools are often filled with germs and bacteria.
    • Do not swallow the water in a swimming pool.
    • Report any pool-related illness to pool authorities because others at the same pool may be at risk.
  • Always swim where there is a lifeguard –
    • Life guards are there to protect you.
    • Be sure you remain in sight of the lifeguards.
    • Don’t go swimming somewhere a lifeguard is not present.
  • Don’t mix drugs and alcohol with swimming –
    • The risks of drinking and swimming are similar to those of drinking and driving.
  • Use common sense in deciding when to swim –
    • Stormy conditions (especially when lightening is present) create an extra hazard in swimming.
    • Darkness prevents swimmers from properly gauging water depth and location.

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