ClickCease Preventing Raking and Yard-Cleaning Accidents: Five Tips
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Preventing Raking and Yard-Cleaning Accidents: 5 Tips

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The cool temperatures of fall can transform a lawn into a carpet of crackling, colorful leaves. While the foliage imparts beauty, it also necessitates raking and additional yard care. Watch out for accidents and injuries that can occur during such endeavors. Here are five tips to help keep you safe:

  • Protect your eyes and hands. The use of leaf blowers can cause dust and debris to fly into the eyes, so wear safety glasses. Also, don sturdy gardening gloves or safety gloves to prevent blisters, insect bites or exposure to poison ivy.
  • Wear study, comfortable shoes. According to Consumer Reports, wet leaves can be slippery, so make sure your footwear has slip-resistant soles. Never do yardwork while barefoot or wearing sandals.
  • Prevent hearing damage from loud noises. The sounds from lawn mowers and chainsaws can be deafening – literally. As repeated exposure to the noise can cause permanent hearing loss, refrain from using these machines unless you are wearing ear protection.
  • Don’t strain your back. Before you begin working, warm up with stretching exercises. Avoid filling the leaf bags so full that they are difficult to carry. When you lift objects, bend at the knees rather than the hips. Choose a rake that is comfortable for your height.
  • Use the buddy system when climbing ladders. Since these devices can unexpectedly slip, one person should hold the ladder while the other person climbs.

For more information on yard care, see Lawn Mower Safety: Practice Common Sense.

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