ClickCease Critical Safety Tips for Unmanned Drone Operators
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Mission-Critical Tips For Operating Drones Safely

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Recreational drones are more popular than ever, and for good reason — unmanned aircraft may not literally take us to new heights, but they certainly expose us to gorgeous scenery while providing amazing opportunities for capturing footage. But while these aircraft are a joy to operate, they can also prove surprisingly dangerous. The following are among the most important considerations to keep in mind as you strive to operate unmanned aircraft in the safest and most responsible manner possible:

Fly Below 400 Feet

One of the FAA’s most stringent regulations involves the height at which you can safely operate your unmanned aircraft. Leaders at the FAA are adamant that recreational drones always be flown at heights at or below 400 feet.

Maintain Full Visibility

Your drone should always remain within your sightline. Additionally, it should be operated primarily in daylight conditions. If however, you possess access to high-quality anti-collision lighting, twilight operation is permitted.

Don’t Operate Drones Under the Influence

This rule should be obvious, and yet, many people have attempted to use their drones after drinking or using drugs. While the FAA does not explicitly prohibit substance use for recreational drone enthusiasts, the agency is quite clear in its restrictions for commercial drone operators, who can get in huge trouble if they operate unmanned aircraft within eight hours of drinking. As a recreational drone user, you can take a slightly more relaxed approach — but if you wouldn’t drive a vehicle at a certain level of intoxication, you should also avoid flying a drone.

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