ClickCease Lawsuits Are Being Filed Over Electronic Cigarette Injuries
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Why Lawsuits Over Electronic Cigarettes Are Increasing

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Electronic cigarettes have become a very popular alternative to traditional nicotine products. Millions of people in the US have given up cigarettes in favor of these pocket-sized devices. However, some people have suffered serious injuries after the batteries in their electronic cigarettes exploded without warning. Electronic cigarette explosion injuries have included:

  • Second and third-degree burns
  • Blast injuries (including the loss of multiple teeth or limbs)
  • Facial injuries
  • Loss of function (of the limbs or sexual function)

In one case that occurred in 2015, a Colorado Springs man suffered a broken neck and severe facial injuries. According to the man’s family, he now suffers from limited mobility.

Why are Electronic Cigarettes Exploding?

Most electronic cigarettes use lithium-ion batteries to heat nicotine-laced liquid into an aerosolized form. You have probably heard of lithium-ion batteries before because they are used in most modern consumer electronics. Remember the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Those phones exploded because they contained defective lithium-ion batteries.

Under the right conditions, lithium-ion batteries can short-circuit and undergo a thermal runaway effect. This phenomenon can superheat the batteries to over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. A thermal runaway effect may occur when batteries come into contact with metal, such as the change or keys in your pocket. Manufacturing defects in these batteries could also trigger a thermal runaway effect.

The National Fire Data Center, which is an agency within the U.S. Fire Administration, recorded almost 200 incidents involving electronic cigarettes between 2009 and 2016. According to the NFDC, 38 of those incidents involved third-degree burns or the loss of a body part.

Contact Our Washington DC Personal Injury Law Firm for More Information

Victims of electronic cigarette explosions should consult with a personal injury attorney. Multiple lawsuits against electronic cigarette manufacturers or retailers have already been filed across the US. Damages from a product liability lawsuit could help pay for expenses associated with explosion injuries.

You may contact our Washington DC personal injury law firm for more information on the possibility of filing an electronic cigarette lawsuit. The Washington DC product liability lawyers at Regan Zambri Long PLLC have experience helping individuals who were harmed by defective products.

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