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How to Avoid the Most Common Fall Sports Injuries

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From football to cross-country, a variety of fall sports encourage athletes to stay active, even as the chill of autumn begins to take over. These sports encourage us to move our bodies when we’d rather stay cozy inside. Unfortunately, they can also prompt their fair share of injuries. That being said, a variety of preventative measures can be employed to keep the risk of such injuries to a minimum. An effective regimen begins with knowledge, so we’ve highlighted a few of the most common conditions—and reliable prevention methods—below:

ACL Tears

Easily the most common knee injury among football players, ACL tears may also strike a variety of other athletes, including cheerleaders and soccer players. Common causes include difficult landings from jumps and collisions with other players. Tears can be avoided by teaching athletes to bend their knees when landing from jumps—and by limiting the severity of impact with other athletes.

Ankle Sprains

Seen in a wide array of sports, ankle sprains can be highly frustrating for athletes, who may otherwise feel more than capable of getting up and competing. Unfortunately, the risk of re-injury can be extremely high for those who fail to abide by proper recovery timelines. Preventative efforts may include stretching, strengthening exercises, and, for those with pre-existing injuries, wearing ankle braces.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Repetitive motion often leads to rotator cuff injuries, which are common in swimming, golf, volleyball, and tennis. Because these injuries so commonly result from overuse, they can often be prevented with targeted strength training and stretching plans. Body awareness is also critical; athletes can sometimes spot strain before it becomes severe—and they can address it promptly to avoid lasting damage.

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