ClickCease How Do Personal Injury Cases Improve Lives in DC?
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How Do Personal Injury Cases Improve Lives?

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After a severe accident causes catastrophic injuries, many victims and their families are unaware of the services and assistance that is available to help. This includes medical care as well as home renovations and life care planning. In this video, attorney Victor Long discusses the many ways a personal injury lawyer can help families, beyond filing a claim for compensation. For example, our law firm works with industry experts to determine the full scope of your injuries and all possible means of enabling you to live a full life.
So many of the severely injured people that we work with are not aware of what it is that we can do for them and what can be offered. They may be thinking that oh, maybe a law firm can get me money and that would help. But really, when we represent someone it’s a process of getting to know, in great detail, what their needs are. And in order to do that we work with a number of other professionals from other types of practice. We work with nurses. We work with life care planners. We work with architects who may need to redesign a home. So, that person can do all the things that they can possibly do. And these are things that a lot of times injured people don’t even think about. And certainly, if injured people don’t think about those sorts of things, then insurance companies won’t think about them and juries won’t think about them. So, this is all a way of explaining to others what a person’s needs are. And it’s not uncommon that when we start out the people who are injured don’t even know these things are available. If you have a legal concern, we’d very much like to assist you with it. You can call us at (202) 463-3030. We’re also available on the internet at

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