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Posted by: Salvatore J. Zambri, Esquire

The most famous dog in America–Bo, a Portuguese water dog–arrived at the White House a few days ago.  The Obamas thought long and hard about which canine to include in the First Family, especially given Malia Obama’s allergies.  They picked smart–a hypoallergenic dog with a friendly disposition.

Choosing a proper pet is important for many reasons.  One should consider size, demeanor, cost, need for exercise, and much more, before deciding to own an animal.  Also, without proper care and training, certain animals can be extraordinarily dangerous.

Approximately 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs every year, causing nearly thirty deaths each year in America alone.  According to several studies, the main factors leading to such incidents are: human behavior, dog behavior, training, aggression, and unsupervised children.  Click here to learn more about the factors leading to dog attacks.

Besides attacks, certain animals can seriously jeopardize owners’ health.  Pet allergies are essentially a negative reaction to certain proteins (allergens) excreted by animals.  Million of Americans, including three million children, have asthma that is triggered by allergens.  Exposure to pets can cause acute asthma attacks, as well as chronic chronic and debilitating asthma.  Click here to read more about allergic reactions to animals.

If you decide, like the authors, to own a dog (or any other animal), choose wisely, give the animal the love and attention it needs, and train your pet well.  A happy pet can bring a tremendous amount of joy into your life.

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