ClickCease Your Partner Or Spouse Was Just Hospitalized, What Can You Do Now?
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Your Partner Or Spouse Was Just Hospitalized — What Should You Do Or Avoid Doing?

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Few circumstances in a relationship are more frightening than helplessly watching as your partner suffers in the hospital. While you may feel powerless in such situations, your actions can make a difference.

Gather Relevant Documentation

Amid physical and emotional suffering, your partner may neglect to grab necessary documents, such as ID, insurance cards, or medical records. If possible, obtain copies of these and any other documents you deem relevant.

Get Informed

Don’t count on hospital staff members to keep you up to date on your partner’s treatment. Your partner may also prove a poor source of information, especially when exhausted or in pain. MDs aren’t always available, so consider asking the nurse on duty for more information. Many are perfectly happy to keep you in the loop upon request.

Advocate For Your Partner

Patients often struggle to advocate for their own best interests, even when they’re perfectly cognizant of their situation and surroundings. Hospitalization is intimidating enough to make even the most proactive individuals avoid any semblance of additional adversity. In such situations, it is your obligation as spouse to act as a strong advocate.

Take Care of Yourself

The temptation to spend every moment at your partner’s side is understandable, but your efforts could lead to exhaustion or even sickness on your part. Your hard work as caretaker may just be starting, so take time to get rest while you can. Just as new parents are advised to “sleep when baby sleeps,” you’ll want to take advantage of your partner’s sleep schedule to ensure that you both achieve sufficient rest.

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