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How Virtual Reality Is Already Changing Health Care

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New technologies such as 3D imaging and robot-assisted surgery have dramatically altered the health care industry in the last few years. Further changes are on the horizon, with some holding the potential to completely transform every aspect of the patient experience. Virtual reality, in particular, is poised to revolutionize how we interact with health care professionals. Below, we highlight a few of the areas in which VR is already making a difference:

Promoting Relaxation

Patient anxiety can have a decidedly negative impact on long-term outcomes, leaving many to avoid checkups and necessary hospital visits altogether. VR can provide considerable relief for patients with anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions. Young patients prone to anxiety are especially likely to benefit from this option. The Childhood Anxiety Reduction through Innovation and Technology (CHARIOT) program, for example, integrates VR technology into solutions targeting children undergoing stressful surgeries. Rather than worry about routine procedures, participants can immerse themselves in exciting games.

Minimizing the Effect of Hallucination

Patients who suffer hallucinations or dementia may struggle to connect their inner world with reality. VR assists in establishing this essential connection so that patients can more effectively distinguish between hallucinations and the real world. VR also helps patients with dementia recall old memories.

Educating Patients

Many common conditions are notoriously difficult to explain to patients, in part, because they struggle to form mental images of the issues at play. VR helps by providing a more realistic representation. For example, the Stanford Virtual Heart offers a 3D depiction of congenital heart defects, as well as insight into potential surgical interventions.

New health care technology delivers a variety of exciting possibilities — but also, new opportunities for negligence. Regan Zambri Long PLLC can help you hold medical professionals accountable when they fail to abide by a proper standard of care. Contact us today to learn more about our medical malpractice services.

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