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Why Is Coronavirus So Dangerous In Nursing Homes? How Can You Protect Loved Ones?

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When your parents, grandparents, or other family members enter long-term care facilities, you assume that they’ll be far safer there than at home. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has destroyed this assumption. Nursing homes are at the center of the disease’s most alarming clusters.

Common Coronavirus Risk Factors in Nursing Homes

A variety of factors conspire to make nursing homes uniquely dangerous during the coronavirus pandemic. Age is obviously a factor, as older individuals are demonstrably more susceptible to COVID-19. Beyond that, however, close quarters and extensive contact also leave patients at risk.

Sadly, many nursing homes lack the protective equipment and other resources used to curb the spread of the disease in hospitals and clinics. As a result, staff members often inadvertently spread the virus to multiple patients.

How to Keep Loved Ones Safe

Despite the prevalence of COVID-19, nursing homes remain the safest setting for many people. There, they receive tailored care on a regular basis. This may be critical for handling issues such as dementia or Parkinson’s disease, especially among those who can no longer safely live alone.

The number one strategy for protecting loved ones residing in nursing homes? Staying away. Yes, this is emotionally wrenching, but it’s also essential, as every visit increases the potential for exposure. Most facilities are currently on lockdown, so you’ll likely be unable to stop by even if you’re tempted to do so.

It’s still possible to advocate for loved ones if you don’t visit in person. If you’re concerned about hygienic measures or other issues related to quality of care, don’t hesitate to speak up. Put on the pressure to ensure that your loved ones — and all other residents — receive the attention and respect they deserve.

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