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What American Doctors And Hospitals Can Learn From International Health Care Successes

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The United States may be home to several of the world’s finest medical facilities, but it’s impossible to escape the fact that, in many ways, we lag behind other nations in terms of health care. Thankfully, success stories abound throughout the world. These triumphs grant hope that we too can improve outcomes. The following are just a few of the most promising developments in international health care:

Rwanda’s Miraculous Health Care Transformation

In just over two decades, Rwanda has transformed from a country torn apart by genocide to one of the world’s most remarkable health care success stories. This comes despite the country’s still limited supply of upper-level medical professionals; as of 2013, just 625 doctors resided in the nation of 11 million. A huge team of nurses and other healthcare workers has picked up the slack, however.

In 2013, 98 percent of Rwandans were covered by health insurance, with most receiving regular preventative care at minimal cost. As a result, the likelihood of children dying before age 5 dropped by an astounding 70 percent.

Sweden: Fighting Antibiotic Resistance

Compared to other nations, Sweden boasts a shockingly low rate of antibiotic use per capita — and yet, general health and wellbeing remain impressive. Credit goes to the Swedish strategic programme against antibiotic resistance (Strama), which employs a coordinated effort at both the national and regional level. Applied on a global scale, Sweden’s approach could aid nations such as the United States in the effort to combat hospital-acquired infections.

From expanded insurance coverage to reduced use of antibiotics, international healthcare providers are taking a variety of steps to improve patient care. Their efforts are paying off — and similar strategies could pay huge dividends in the United States.

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