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Tips for Staying Organized When You Take a Lot of Medications

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The more medications you take, the more complicated it can be to keep up with all of them. Which pills must be taken at which times of day? Which pills must be taken with food, and which ones on an empty stomach? Which medications might interact with other medications? If you happen to take more than a couple of prescription meds, the following tips should help you stay organized.

Get a Weekly Pill Organizer

Your local pharmacy sells one or more pill organizers with compartments separated by days of the week—and some even include morning and evening. Get one of these organizers and stock it once a week with the pills placed in the correct compartments. When you do it correctly, all you basically need to remember is what day of the week it is—just take the pills assigned for that day.

Keep All Your Pill Bottles in One Location

With lots of medications, just knowing where to find them is half the battle. Designate a single area in the home where your pills always live. It can be your bathroom medicine cabinet, a kitchen cabinet; the exact location doesn’t matter, as long as you know where it is—and as long as the pills are out of reach of children.

Create a Chart

If your different medicines have specific instructions, try making a spreadsheet or chart that lists all your meds and the instructions for each. Keep the chart handy and refer to it anytime you get confused about what pills to take when, etc.

Set Alarms on Your Phone

If you’re required to take certain medicines several times a day, setting several daily alarms on your phone can help you stay on top of your schedule.

Use a Medication Managing App

Modern technology is a marvel—there’s an app for almost everything, including apps to help you manage your medicines. Some popular examples include Pill Reminder by MediSafe, MyMedSchedule and Rxmindme, for starters. These apps are quite useful because many of them not only keep you on schedule, but they also let you know when your prescriptions are running low and where/when to get them refilled. Some are free; others are subscription-based.

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