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Physician Burnout: A Deep Dive (Part II)

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Physician burnout is one of the most concerning and least understood issues in the health care industry. We’re here to shed light on this alarming phenomenon. In the first half of our series on burnout, we explored the scope of the problem and explained why it’s getting worse. Now, we’ll show you how physician burnout impacts patients — and what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Physician Burnout and Healthcare Outcomes

In a Stanford analysis of a national physician study, over ten percent of respondents confessed to committing major medical errors in the last three months. These mistakes can strike highly-trained doctors with solid track records. Often, the cause is not lack of expertise, but rather, fatigue and other issues associated with burnout. Additional research from Stanford has revealed that physician errors are just as likely to occur due to burnout as they are due to unsafe workplace conditions.

Signs of Doctor Burnout

The signs of burnout can often be observed well before it leads to poor health outcomes on your part. Typically, patients first notice that overworked doctors seem unusually tired. Poor bedside manner may also be a clear sign of burnout; otherwise friendly doctors may become sarcastic or even cynical. Rude remarks should be particularly alarming if your doctor seemed kindhearted or compassionate in the past.

A proactive approach is essential if you suspect burnout. While it can be challenging to change doctors, it will ultimately prove worth your while. If you’re not willing to speak up, let somebody else intercede on your behalf.

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