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Catalog of Different Types of Nurses: What Are Their Roles and Responsibilities?

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How much do you know about the nurses at your local clinic or hospital? These medical professionals play a crucial role in helping you maintain the best possible health and wellbeing, and yet, you probably don’t know their titles or what they do on a daily basis. We dive into this essential information below:


Licensed practical nurses can work upon obtaining certificates, although some also graduate with two-year degrees such as the Associate of Applied Science. These nurses are typically responsible for recording vital signs, reviewing medical charts, and monitoring catheters. Perhaps most importantly, they provide an essential source of emotional and spiritual comfort for patients.


Registered nurses coordinate and provide several key elements of patient care. This versatile position can be obtained with help from a diploma, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s. Duties largely depend on the environment in which RNs work, with many collaborating with physicians or even overseeing LPNs and nurse’s aides.


The distinction between BSN and RN can be confusing for those outside the health care profession. Most BSN nurses are already RNs, but it’s possible to be a registered nurse without having a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. In general, BSN nurses hold similar roles to RNs but enjoy greater earning potential.

Nurse Practitioner

Once they gain graduate-level credentials, RNs and BSN nurses can move up the career ladder to the important role of nurse practitioner. These high-level professionals share some duties with RNs but are also authorized to evaluate and diagnose patients, and, when necessary, refer them to specialists.

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