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Adjusting to Society Opening Up After COVID — Tips for Staying Safe And Sane

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The light has finally arrived at the end of the long tunnel that is the COVID pandemic. The vaccine rollout is going better than expected — and millions of the most vulnerable individuals have already been inoculated.

Variants remain a concern, but we can finally begin to think about returning to the activities we took for granted prior to the pandemic. Nothing is risk-free, however, and even when the threat of spread is minimal, returning to normal life can feel scary. Keep these suggestions in mind as you make the adjustment:

Wear Your Mask

It should go without saying, but your mask is still essential when you’re in public spaces — especially if you’re inside. It doesn’t matter if you or loved ones have already been vaccinated. An ongoing commitment to mask-wearing will help to combat new variants.

Avoid Major Gatherings

Small gatherings of family members and close friends are safer than they used to be, but crowds should still be avoided, particularly if they assemble inside and even more so if you haven’t been vaccinated. Follow local guidelines about gatherings but don’t feel bad about limiting attendance or staying home if you’re still not comfortable.

Take Advantage of the Nice Weather

As warm weather returns, you’ll find plenty of options for enjoying yourself outside. This expands your ability to get out of the house and even to socialize, as transmission tends to be limited in outdoor settings. If cabin fever is limiting your resolve during the final days of the pandemic, relief can be found as you get outside.

Demand Extra Precautions at Work

Many employers are eager to get workers back in the office, but this isn’t always wise. If in-person work proves necessary, let your employer know that precautions matter. At minimum, these should include mandated mask-wearing, an advanced filtration system, and a solid protocol for sanitizing the workplace. Hybrid approaches that blend remote and in-person work are preferable to being in the office full-time.


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