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Tips for Risk Reduction While Shoveling Snow And Clearing Ice

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A layer of snow adds instant beauty to the local winter landscape, but it can also prove extremely dangerous. The hazards of winter driving are well-known, but many people remain woefully unaware of the extent to which shoveling and other necessary winter tasks can lead to injury — or what they can do to protect themselves.

Dress For the Weather

Shoveling always takes longer than expected, so dress accordingly. Coats, hats, and mittens are essential. Quality footwear is even more important, however, as a lack of tread could cause you to slip.

Take Your Time

Resist the urge to load your shovel with heaping amounts of snow. This will only lead to back problems, especially when repeatedly handling heavy loads. Use slow and decisive movements, taking care to bend your legs. Better yet, push instead of lift.

Take breaks regularly to recharge. Aim to shovel periodically during long snowstorms, rather than attempting to tackle all snow at once.

Invest in Quality Snow-Clearing Equipment

Take a close look at your current shovel or ice chopper of choice. Is it sized appropriately? If possible, opt for an ergonomic design to reduce strain. Although less durable, plastic models weigh far less than metal shovels and may save you from unneeded strain.

If necessary, consider investing in a snowblower or thrower. While many people are perfectly capable of shoveling their driveways or sidewalks, back issues and other medical concerns can make such activities risky. Snowblowers, although expensive, can save you considerable pain and suffering down the road. Of course, they must be carefully maintained and operated responsibly, or these machines can also prove hazardous.

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