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Three Back-to-School Safety Tips and What to Do When the Worst Happens

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cyclist safety tipsAugust is back-to-school month. And as you prepare your children to go off into the world without you, there are a lot of things to consider. While you are worried about preparing your child with clothing, school supplies, and lessons on coping with school and social situations, this month is a very busy time. One of the things that many parents do not think about during this chaos is safety. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind as your children go back to school.

Don’t Cross Busy Streets

Most schools are very aware of the high traffic streets that pose a danger to children, and bus stops are usually assigned so that children of a younger age do not have to cross these busy streets. However, if you live on a high traffic street, your child may still be in danger. Make sure that they understand the importance of staying out of the street, keeping themselves visible, and avoiding moving vehicles.

Don’t Ride Your Bike in the Street

If you have elementary-age children who ride their bike to school, you have some additional safety tips to worry about. Make sure your child wears a bike helmet and give them some ground rules. They should not ride in the street, but remain on the sidewalk whenever possible. They should avoid crossing busy streets if they can, and they shouldn’t get between cars whether they are moving or not. They should also make sure that they are very visible to drivers.

Avoid Trip Hazards

Often children are so excited about the first day of school that they are not observant of their surroundings. Try to impress upon your child the need to be observant and notice trip-and-slip hazards in their path. Such hazards might exist at daycare, on the bus, at school, or on properties between your home and their bus stop.

If your child becomes injured due to a driver’s negligence or unsafe property conditions, your family is entitled to compensation for injuries and pain and suffering. Contact us immediately for a free consultation and representation to protect you and your child.

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