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The Latest in the Vaccination Debate: What You Need to Know

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Vaccination has been a matter of debate for several years, but the topic is of even greater urgency in light of a recent outbreak of measles in several states. The Centers for Disease Control reported over 200 cases in the first two months of 2019, making this the worst outbreak since 1992. Previously, the disease had been assumed to be all but eradicated.

In the midst of all this illness, leaders in the medical community are calling for a renewed effort to obtain greater protection via vaccination. Read on to learn more about the recent outbreak and to discover why medical experts believe the anti-vaccination movement is at least partially to blame.

Which Diseases Are Causing Concern? And Which Are Preventable With Vaccines?

Measles may be attracting the most attention at present, but it’s just one of several vaccine-preventable illnesses currently present in the United States. Other concerning diseases include meningitis, whooping cough, tetanus, and mumps. All can be prevented via vaccination.

The Anti-Vaccination Movement’s Role in Recent Outbreaks

Experts fear that the anti-vaccination movement has played a significant role in the current outbreaks of measles and other illnesses — and that vaccine avoidance could lead to even more worrisome epidemics.

While some children are exempt from vaccines for medical reasons, many parents seek religious or even philosophical exemptions. Leaders in the medical community believe that these exemptions place other children at risk. While experts reference just a small core of adamant anti-vaccination protesters, the efforts of this anti-vaxx contingent have left others hesitant about vaccination and more likely to delay. As a result, many experts believe that the best solution lies in the restriction of philosophical exemptions or even a federal push for a vaccination mandate.

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