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Quarantine Boredom and Childhood Injuries: How Can You Keep Your Kids Safe?

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Your kids are cooped up in the house during quarantine, and often, under minimal supervision as you struggle to focus on remote work. Netflix and video games will only keep them entertained for so long. Eventually, they’re bound to get into trouble — and when they do, a variety of seemingly innocuous household items could place them at risk.

Common Sources of Stay-at-Home Injuries

The type of injuries your children face will differ somewhat based on their age and the unique setup in and around your home. Car crashes, for example, are more likely if you live near a busy road. Young children may be vulnerable to household chemicals, while older kids can be hurt while jumping on trampolines or using sports equipment.

Other potential sources of danger include:

  • Swallowing small objects
  • Defective toys
  • Physical altercations with siblings
  • Breathing in toxic fumes
  • Falling off furniture or down the stairs
  • Pet bites or scratches

How to Keep Your Kids Safe

When did you last child-proof your home? Set aside a day to look for hidden sources of danger. Invest in baby gates, cupboard locks, and other products designed to restrict access to potentially dangerous areas. Think like a curious kid; what seemingly harmless objects could cause problems in the hands of a rambunctious child?

If possible, schedule separate shifts for each parent to ensure that at least one adult is always on hand. Helicopter parenting isn’t necessary, but one person should be generally aware of your kids’ activities. If you’re home alone, take a few moments away from your work to check in.


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