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COVID As a Metabolic Wake-Up Call: What Is the Relationship Between Insulin, Blood Sugar, and Immunity? Part II

COVID-19 can cause a wide array of short and long-term health concerns, ranging from temporary shortness of breath to enduring brain fog. Many of these are poorly understood due to […]

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04/28/21   |   By

COVID as a Metabolic Wake-Up Call: What Is the Relationship Between Insulin, Blood Sugar, and Immunity? Part I

After over a year of battling the COVID pandemic, we are beginning to understand the implications of general health and wellness on the disease. Concerns such as metabolism and blood […]

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Using Your Power as a Health Care Proxy to Protect Loved Ones

  When illness or injury make spouses, parents, or other loved ones unable to advocate for themselves, a key document allows you to step in: the health care proxy. This […]

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COVID Burnout Among Health Care Workers: How It Puts You At Risk

Burnout has long been a huge source of concern throughout the health care profession. Long hours, stressful situations, and limited support leave doctors and nurses scrambling to keep their patients […]

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The Biggest Doctor-Related Safety Issues of 2021: Part II

  There’s finally light at the end of the tunnel, but even as we approach the end of the COVID pandemic, doctors and their patients face a variety of alarming […]

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How Prevalent Are Psychological Issues Among Doctors And Nurses — And How Dangerous Are These For Patients?

  Today’s doctors, nurses, and other health care workers face a variety of stressors. Issues such as understaffing and overwork can exacerbate existing mental health concerns or even prompt the […]

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Surprising Dangers of Physical Rehab Centers

Physical rehab centers promise to promote long-term recovery, but research suggests that, for some patients, they may cause more harm than good. A 2016 report from the Department of Health […]

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How Medical Record Errors Can Put You in Danger — And How to Protect Yourself Against Them

Today’s digital resources allow for the seamless input, transfer, and retrieval of key medical information at clinics and hospitals. This facilitates more efficient and accurate care for patients. Unfortunately, even […]

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11/25/20   |   By

What Are the Most Promising COVID Treatments in Development?

As we await the release of the highly-anticipated COVID vaccine, we’re learning more about the top treatments for severe cases. Certain medications and therapies can dramatically improve outcomes for vulnerable […]

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11/20/20   |   By

Lockdowns and Late Cancer Diagnosis: Is There a Link?

  While COVID quarantines dramatically reduce the spread of the disease, they also lead to a variety of unintended health consequences. Many of these relate to delays in preventative care, […]

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