11/23/20   |   By

A Summary of CDC Guidelines for Safe Holiday Travel

With the holidays fast approaching, millions of people across the country will be traveling to visit their families. Amidst the current pandemic, ensuring safe travel practices has never been more […]

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11/20/20   |   By

Understanding the Differences Among Influenza, COVID, And the Common Cold

  Experts and ordinary individuals alike draw comparisons between COVID and the prominent form of influenza with which we’ve dealt with for generations. These are sometimes useful, as some of […]

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11/16/20   |   By

The Great Barrington Declaration And COVID: Part I

  The COVID pandemic has sparked contentious debates about the balance between reducing the spread of the disease and avoiding the unintended repercussions of lockdown. The original quarantine, although necessary […]

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11/02/20   |   By

Last Minute Election Day Advice to Stay Safe During COVID-19

  Tomorrow is the big day when Americans cast their vote for the next President of the United States of America. IT’S NOVEMBER 3rd, ELECTION DAY! Although this election cycle […]

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10/21/20   |   By

Preventative Care Disrupted By the Pandemic: What Long-Term Costs Can Be Expected? — Part II

  Many people neglected preventative care long before the COVID era, but the pandemic has clearly accelerated the problem. We’ve already highlighted a few of the most problematic personal issues […]

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10/19/20   |   By

Preventative Care Disrupted By the Pandemic: What Long-Term Costs Can Be Expected? — Part I

  As COVID cases surged in the early days of the pandemic, many hospitals and clinics switched to “tele-health” or suspended certain services altogether. This was necessary during the initial […]

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10/14/20   |   By

Why Emotionally Evocative Risks Scare People More: How We Can Be More Rational — Part I

  Ask any economist, and you’ll get an earful about how bad most people are at rationally assessing risk. This has proven especially evident during COVID, with personal blind spots […]

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10/12/20   |   By

Dangers of Going Back to School in the Age of COVID: What’s Real, What’s Exaggerated?

  Back-to-school traditions look a lot different in an age of COVID. Many districts resumed virtual learning, while others have enacted a hybrid approach. Still, others have opened up under […]

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10/08/20   |   By

Hospitals Are Taking a Financial Hit Due to COVID — Does This Make Them Less Safe?

  The widespread economic impact of COVID caused damage in virtually every industry imaginable. The health care sector, in particular, has dealt with major losses, prompted by a reduction in […]

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09/17/20   |   By

The Status of the COVID-19 Vaccine — And What to Know About Vaccine Safety: Part II

Vaccine Safety and Development in a COVID-19 World Vaccination remains our greatest source of hope during the current pandemic. However, the modern world is wrought with misinformation about vaccine safety […]

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