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Is Texting While Driving a Problem in DC?

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Is texting while driving a problem in the district? Yes, and our law firm has helped numerous victims of car accidents caused by all forms of distracted driving. In this video, attorney Sal Zambri explains how texting behind the wheel has become an even greater crisis than drunk driving. Sal has made it his mission to inform the public, and high school students in particular, about the dangers of texting and driving and how lives can be forever altered or lost in a split second.

Distracted driving is a huge problem. Not only in the District of Columbia, but everywhere throughout the country and really throughout the world. About ten years ago, I became passionate about this issue. And I started to go to high schools and PTSA organizations all throughout Maryland, some in Virginia, in the District of Columbia. Talking to students and parents and faculty about this issue. And I decided to do that, really my wife and I were thinking about something charitable we can do. And I said well, here’s something that I know and I care about. And I see the deadly consequences of distracted driving. I’d like to go see if I can make a difference.

So, I’ve been doing that for a very, very long time. Along the way, I met someone has become a friend. Who lost, he’s a lawyer, he’s lost his daughter as a result of somebody who was a distracted driver. And he started a great program nationwide that I’m a part of. I’m proud to be a part of. There are many different forms of distracted driving. People think of drunk driving is an obvious example. But it’s one of many different forms of distracted driving. Of course, now with the advent of cell phones and folks being so connected to those things. That’s a major problem. It’s, in fact, I think our biggest crisis. So, people who text and drive. People who talk and drive. But it can be even eating and driving. It could be listening to loud music and driving. It’s even rubbernecking is distracted driving. All forms of distracted driving are literally killing hundreds of thousands of people in our country every year. For a free consultation to speak to me or anyone at our law firm, please contact us here at Regan Zambri Long at (202) 463-3030.

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