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The Dangers of Daylight Saving Time: How Can You Avoid Them?

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Daylight Saving Time isn’t a mere annoyance — it’s a verifiable source of danger. Every year, motor vehicle accidents and fatalities skyrocket right after we move the clocks forward or back. The human body simply can’t handle this sudden change. With a little preparation, however, it’s possible to plan ahead and avoid the worst of this dreaded date:

Build Light Into Your Transportation

Things are about to get a whole lot darker as we fall back. Spotting road hazards is tough enough when dealing with disrupted sleep, but the increased darkness certainly doesn’t help matters.

A few simple steps can make it easier to see the road clearly. Up-to-date headlights are essential for drivers. Pedestrians and cyclists can help by wearing reflective accessories. No matter how you intend to get around, keep an eye out for others on the road, especially as they’re more likely to be plagued by fatigue or distraction.

Plan Ahead to Deal With Fatigue

Falling back might seem like cause for celebration — who can complain about an extra hour of sleep? In reality, however, the adjustment might have you feeling more tired than before.

If you struggle with driving when fatigued, develop a plan to determine how you’ll stay safe on the road. Could you work remotely for the first few days? Or carpool with a more alert driver? Even a little extra caffeine might help.

If possible, start adjusting your bedtime in advance to help you deal with new sleeping hours. You might find it easier to shift by increments of fifteen minutes every few days or weeks, rather than an hour all at once. You may need to also shift your morning wake-up, especially if you anticipate feeling groggy.

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