ClickCease Ford Explorer Carbon Monoxide Leaks: Is It Time for a Recall?
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Will Ford Recall Explorers for Carbon Monoxide Leaks?

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Are Ford Explorers dangerous?The Center for Auto Safety (CAS) has once again called on Ford to recall 1.3 million Explorers. According to CAS, Ford should recall 2011-2017 Ford Explorers and replace exhaust manifolds that are causing carbon monoxide leaks.

Depending on the outcome of the federal investigation into the possible defect, CAS may get its wish. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received roughly 1,400 complaints from Ford Explorer owners who allege that exhaust fumes are seeping into the passenger cabins of their vehicles. Eighty of the complaints mention injuries. NHTSA began investigating the potential defect in 2016 after receiving dozens of complaints. If the regulatory agency determines that the vehicles pose a safety risk, it can force Ford to conduct a recall.

Ford Explorer Owners Allege Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Explorer owners report experiencing nausea, dizziness and vomiting while driving. One complaint mentions how a small child lost consciousness while sitting in the backseat of a Ford Explorer. The child regained consciousness after the windows were rolled down. In another case, an elderly man pulled over to call an ambulance after becoming severely ill. CAS has also received some disturbing reports about this issue from Explorer owners. According to CAS, it has received reports of children vomiting, suffering seizures and requiring treatment in emergency rooms.

Ford claims its Explorers are safe, but clever vehicle owners found ways to challenge these claims. A woman in Lafayette, Louisiana claims her carbon monoxide detector readings increase when she accelerates. Police departments across the US, which use modified versions of the Ford Explorer, have also resorted to using carbon monoxide detectors. In some of these cases, there were also elevated levels of the deadly gasin the vehicles. Multiple police departments across the country have removed the vehicles from service.

What will it take for Ford to recall Explorers affected by the issue? CAS is concerned the possible defect could kill someone before a recall occurs. It is possible CAS is correct. There are multiple historical examples of automobile and auto parts manufacturers concealing defects. Recalls were only issued after multiple reports of deaths and injuries. General Motors’ ignition switch, the Ford Pinto and Takata airbags are examples of this industry business practice. History shows us that automakers are generally more concerned with making money than public safety.

Can I Sue Ford for Carbon Monoxide Leaks?

If you or a loved one suffered harm while driving a Ford Explorer, then we encourage you to call our law office. The Washington DC auto defect lawyers at Regan Zambri Long PLLC have extensive experience with product liability lawsuits. We could inform you of whether it would be possible to file a product liability claim against Ford or other parties.

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