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Meet Washington DC Lawyer Victor Long

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Washington DC lawyer Victor Long has an extensive history of standing up for the rights of people to make sure their voices are heard. In this video, he explains more about his background and his dedication to clients. Attorney Victor Long and his founding law partners, Pat Regan and Sal Zambri, wanted to offer a small, personalized firm that maintained the necessary resources to take on even the largest or most powerful corporation or defendant.
I’m Victor Long, I’m one of the partners here at Regan Zambri Long PLLC. I founded the firm along with Sal Zambri and Pat Regan. I’m actually not from the DC area. I grew up in a small town in upstate New York, very small town. But I always wanted to help people, and I have done that in a variety of ways. I first started working out working with the US Justice Department in the Civil Rights Division. And that was a very good way to learn the skills that it sometimes takes for us to put together a bigger case. Well, this law firm came to be about 20 years ago. There were three partners in another law firm, and we wanted to practice in a special way. We want to be big enough to take on any corporation, anyone. But small enough to make the kinds of decisions that you can only make in a smaller atmosphere. We decided to leave and to form this firm.

So, I had the great benefit of knowing Pat and Victor not only as people, but as lawyers for the four years plus that I was at the prior law firm. And they were remarkable. I did a lot of work for both of them. They clearly had special talents. They were people that I paid attention to. To this day, they are great mentors of mine. And I’m proud to have been able to grow into the profession and be the lawyer that I am in this partnership. For more information, go to or call (202) 463-3030.

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